Gurye Spring Flower Travel

Gurye Spring Flower Travel.


Today I’m going to talk about a travel destination in Sansuyu.

When it comes to Sansuyu, I’m famous for oysters in 2002.

Let me introduce you to the travel destinations. I will introduce you to the tourist destinations worth visiting after seeing the oyster E Sansuyu. If you are going to travel to Gurye, it is better to travel in Hadong and Yeongi.

I don’t have the video for Yo’s Castle, so I won’t be able to do a few.

Instead, I’ll definitely go on a trip to Uiseong this year.

Okay, let’s start with the Sansuyo estate.

Among them, I will recommend all of them today.

If you proceed further, there is an anti-communist Maury.

As you can see in the video now, the anti-communist village has a beautiful valley with icy rocks to put in.

At first, what you see in the upper middle is a response lesson, and the valley of demand that was bought up and down around Daeeungyo.

It blooms so beautifully with.

In particular, there is a wooden deck next to the dog ball.

Since the mountain demand tunnel is made, I would like to make sure to walk this wooden deck path.

It is a very nice place, but the length is very short.


The second place I would like to recommend is Hyeoncheon Village.

It is about 15 minutes by car from the festival where the Sansuyu Festival is held.

I filmed a variety show, especially on the ttukbang road with a reservoir, after Jin Guk passed and Kang Su-ji filmed a sweet romance.

From the reservoir, you are looking at the village of Hyeoncheon and Seon demand.

It is more beautiful than ever.

You can go to the observatory along the stone wall road.

I would also like to see the scenery looking at Cheoncheon Village from the observatory.

Gaecheon Mauri is an 8-minute drive from the west side of the city.


Here is Korea’s first sansuyu tree.

It is known as Sansuyu wood.

It is small, but if you want to see Sim welfare, you should definitely go to Gaecheong Village.

The second tourist destination for mountain demand is Icheon Sansuyu Village.

It is located in Baeksa-myeon, Icheon-si. You have to walk a little further up from this place where the stone wall sesame seeds are welcomed by sansuyu, but you can meet the sansuyu colony.

There are a lot of good things The flowers smile and you ask too, and there are various phrases that start with this phrase.

I think it would be okay to look for a job.

If you keep going up the Sansuyu colony, there is a silver swing.

Exploration seems to be better Based on March 19, 2022, Sansuyu of Fire is likely to bloom around March 29, Hadong Ssanggyesa 10-ri Cherry Blossoms are likely to bloom.

It is a four-star ship in a cave.

It is a hermitage perched on a steep cliff, and the scenery of the Seomjin River and Gurae fields seen from here is very good.

Must visit and the second point is to go up to the mountain nuclear power plant and then to the side of the mulberry tree. You can see the Seomjingang River in harmony with the bamboo charcoal.

You can see the scenery of the Seomjingang River crossing the Gurae field and Gurye field covered with a sheet of paper.

The second recommendation is Mr. Sunshine filming Jane Gulae Cheoneunsa. Especially here, as soon as you pass the Iljumun Gate, you will meet the Gureumdari.

Hongro is located This pavilion, which blends with the valley, shows a beautiful scenery representing Korea’s mountain temples beyond Cheoneunsa Temple.

I would like to introduce you again.

There is a red plum flower on the right side of Gakhwangjeon Hall.

Looking at it from the angle you are looking at now, you can see the most beautiful thing.


Hwaeomsa Temple installed an observatory here.

I think you are looking at yellow daffodils.

The fourth place I would recommend is the Cheese Land, where daffodils are beautiful.

I introduced you to the birthplace of 2000.

I recommended you to some of the tourist spots in the past.

How was it?

It seems that we will move on to the clear spring weather at the end of this week.

How is your trip to the south with warm spring weather?

I hope you will visit once.

When planning your Yosansu trip, I hope that the city of Ui will be in your plans.

Then, I will greet you here and see you on my next trip.

I have a lot of thoughts that I’m on your side’s trip with a sneak peek.

I’ll write down what impressed you out of the ones you’ve been to, and I’ll try my best to go there. Then I’ll greet you here with an attached file.