Gurye Spring Flower Travel

Gurye Spring Flower Travel.


Today I’m going to talk about a travel destination in Sansuyu.

When it comes to Sansuyu, I’m famous for oysters in 2002.

Let me introduce you to the travel destinations. I will introduce you to the tourist destinations worth visiting after seeing the oyster E Sansuyu. If you are going to travel to Gurye, it is better to travel in Hadong and Yeongi.

I don’t have the video for Yo’s Castle, so I won’t be able to do a few.

Instead, I’ll definitely go on a trip to Uiseong this year.

Okay, let’s start with the Sansuyo estate.

Among them, I will recommend all of them today.

If you proceed further, there is an anti-communist Maury.

As you can see in the video now, the anti-communist village has a beautiful valley with icy rocks to put in.

At first, what you see in the upper middle is a response lesson, and the valley of demand that was bought up and down around Daeeungyo.

It blooms so beautifully with.

In particular, there is a wooden deck next to the dog ball.

Since the mountain demand tunnel is made, I would like to make sure to walk this wooden deck path.

It is a very nice place, but the length is very short.


The second place I would like to recommend is Hyeoncheon Village.

It is about 15 minutes by car from the festival where the Sansuyu Festival is held.

I filmed a variety show, especially on the ttukbang road with a reservoir, after Jin Guk passed and Kang Su-ji filmed a sweet romance.

From the reservoir, you are looking at the village of Hyeoncheon and Seon demand.

It is more beautiful than ever.

You can go to the observatory along the stone wall road.

I would also like to see the scenery looking at Cheoncheon Village from the observatory.

Gaecheon Mauri is an 8-minute drive from the west side of the city.


Here is Korea’s first sansuyu tree.

It is known as Sansuyu wood.

It is small, but if you want to see Sim welfare, you should definitely go to Gaecheong Village.

The second tourist destination for mountain demand is Icheon Sansuyu Village.

It is located in Baeksa-myeon, Icheon-si. You have to walk a little further up from this place where the stone wall sesame seeds are welcomed by sansuyu, but you can meet the sansuyu colony.

There are a lot of good things The flowers smile and you ask too, and there are various phrases that start with this phrase.

I think it would be okay to look for a job.

If you keep going up the Sansuyu colony, there is a silver swing.

Exploration seems to be better Based on March 19, 2022, Sansuyu of Fire is likely to bloom around March 29, Hadong Ssanggyesa 10-ri Cherry Blossoms are likely to bloom.

It is a four-star ship in a cave.

It is a hermitage perched on a steep cliff, and the scenery of the Seomjin River and Gurae fields seen from here is very good.

Must visit and the second point is to go up to the mountain nuclear power plant and then to the side of the mulberry tree. You can see the Seomjingang River in harmony with the bamboo charcoal.

You can see the scenery of the Seomjingang River crossing the Gurae field and Gurye field covered with a sheet of paper.

The second recommendation is Mr. Sunshine filming Jane Gulae Cheoneunsa. Especially here, as soon as you pass the Iljumun Gate, you will meet the Gureumdari.

Hongro is located This pavilion, which blends with the valley, shows a beautiful scenery representing Korea’s mountain temples beyond Cheoneunsa Temple.

I would like to introduce you again.

There is a red plum flower on the right side of Gakhwangjeon Hall.

Looking at it from the angle you are looking at now, you can see the most beautiful thing.


Hwaeomsa Temple installed an observatory here.

I think you are looking at yellow daffodils.

The fourth place I would recommend is the Cheese Land, where daffodils are beautiful.

I introduced you to the birthplace of 2000.

I recommended you to some of the tourist spots in the past.

How was it?

It seems that we will move on to the clear spring weather at the end of this week.

How is your trip to the south with warm spring weather?

I hope you will visit once.

When planning your Yosansu trip, I hope that the city of Ui will be in your plans.

Then, I will greet you here and see you on my next trip.

I have a lot of thoughts that I’m on your side’s trip with a sneak peek.

I’ll write down what impressed you out of the ones you’ve been to, and I’ll try my best to go there. Then I’ll greet you here with an attached file.


Cherry Blossom Spots

Cherry Blossom Spots

I’m a db for Camping Gain’s specialty channel Feast.

I posted a video about places to visit in March, but there was an opinion that the village of Sansu is too far away.

I introduced you to a flower that you can see quickly.

So, I will introduce you to flowers of a busy celebrity in the metropolitan area.

I filmed while visiting the metropolitan area.

My own fine. I can enter. I’ll give it a try again.

Before I go in, if you subscribe to the Panini db, you can receive various years of camping and travel.


The first place to recover hundreds of times is here too.

Here too, you can go to Yeouido-dong by looking at the ass of the surname called Life.

It is the most convenient to know by going from subway Yeouinaru Station 2.

Seoul Law Obviously, the first place that comes to mind in the fight is Yunjung-ro, Yeouido, but it was accessible enough.

It is beautiful and wonderful.

Anyway, after taking it off, it blooms splendidly and the flowers fall off , so you have to schedule your visit well.

Ton From the end of March to the beginning of April, the people will eat 100,000 and make 100,000.

Be sure to go to the epistemology of representative stir-fried noodles in the Seoul metropolitan area.

Among them, I will introduce today.

I would like to introduce the Anyangcheon Bof Road near Gwangmyeong City.

Anhyeon Cheom Insa started walking around while living nearby.

It is said that the cherry blossom road has been built over 100 years by following the jjokbang road of Anyangcheon.

The most convenient is the Anyang branch in about 5 minutes on foot from the station on the 9th, and I eat one each on the special road created by Anyang Branch No.

It is well established, so it is a place where you can eat and learn while riding a bicycle.

Even in Anyangjeon, when you take off your clothes and feel bad, the festival is held. It is a festival that has been going on for more than 10 years.

There is still no news about Anyangcheon It is good to go during the day, but it is well lit even at night, so it is wonderful to see a different.


Next, I would like to introduce you to Conver Pack’s third recommended judo park.

Sorido crucian carp reports the behavior of the surname Sulli

There is no entrance fee.

I think it’s a disadvantage.

You have to be a servant on the country road on foot from Solid’s on Subway Line 9.

Yanghwa Hangang Park is also on the way.

It was used as an eco-friendly ecological park in April 2002, and it is such a place in the arms of the citizens.

If you go to 7 Zero Seonyudo Park, you can see the water purification garden that used to purify the water.

In the case of Sony Park, it is a pretty and unique 5 won, so you can take it off. Even when it’s not blooming, many photographers are looking for it.

It’s also a favorite place for wedding photography.

Because it’s a circle, you can spread a mat at the Anyang branch on the left, which I’ll introduce earlier.

You can enjoy the view of ginger right next to it.

It’s a great place to take to the Han River walking experience after the sun goes down.

If you come to Umi and spring flowers bloom, make sure to visit Seonyudo Park, which reminds you of Amur.

It is one of the best places to see cherry blossoms.

It is a waste from Jamsil Station on Subway Line 2, so it is a very good place.

Seokchon Lake is a fairy tale based on Sok Pade.

If Woosung wants to put his face on the cherry tree road that surrounds Seokchon Lake, Seoul citizens come to enjoy the change.

It is a lake formed within Sagri, and it is a very good place to read a new book along the black road at 2.5km.

It is in quite condition because rumors like cherry trees, cows, sweetfish, and wild herbs have been planted away from the lake.

I feel like I came to play with cotton bud caterpillars.

When I was dating, I often came to see the flowers.

The forest is the 50th place to see cherry blossoms. If you are looking for a cherry blossom spot, please dream of it at Seokchon Lake Park in Songpa-gu.

Yonghwa Daedae, Jangan-gu, Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-do.

The weeks after the transformation of justice are few, but you can feel the spring approaching by spreading the mat of Bangahsuri Synthesis, the highlight of Suwon Hwaseong Fortress.

It is really wonderful to take a walk and talk about the night view.


Incheon Grand Park.

You can also visit Incheon Grand Park by the Dol-Sang 79.

The shooting of Incheon Grand Park is wide, so it is a good place to find it while driving.

I used to spend time in the shade of Injeong Park since I was a child, but it’s a good place to see foreign countries until the forsythia in a very large park

Suyeong Correspondence for more than 40 years.

There are 800 Yoshino cherry trees in a row for about 1.2 km.

I haven’t seen Osbourne and I’m thinking of going again this year, too.

If you don’t have a childhood and are looking for documents, you have to go to the 2000 Grand Park and look for a job to introduce them in words.

These are alcohol converter spots, the 7th side, 3 mountain.


Namsan Seoul Jung-gu.

Namsan is a mountain that does not exist.

It’s not difficult.

If you go up to Namsan Hanok Village, you can think of it at Chungmuro Station on Subway Line 3 Take a loo around Namsan Hanok Village and go up to the top of the mountain.

They came to Korea for the first time and planted acacia trees inside, and there are ironic ships that say that this wonderful scenery came from a painful history.

I hope you can see it again in Namsan, where you can see it.

Lastly, introduce it, eat the road softener, and the spot 8 is the tribe, but please protect it 0 You are young because there are many trees around us tonight, so you just need to walk from home.

You’ll be able to see the feedback cherry blossoms in the same place while you’re away.

Where you go is important.

When you go is one of the most important points.



Spring Flower Destination

Spring Flower Destination


Today, I would like to introduce you to the must-visit destinations in March among the travel destinations.

I have traveled to every corner of Korea for the past 3 years.

March is the feast of spring when various flowers such as plum, daffodil, cornflower, magnolia, rapeseed, and cherry blossoms bloom.

If you don’t know where to go when.

I think it would be good to see this video.

Plum blossoms are the first flowers to bloom when spring arrives.


The first place I would like to introduce is Gwangyang Maehwa Village.

Gwangyang Maehwa Village is a place where plum trees, a local specialty, are planted in the village instead of grain, and in March, the entire village is covered with plum blossoms.

Among them, Hongssangi Cheong Plum Farm is the most famous.

The houses of the village are maintained in the form of traditional Korean thatched houses and hanok, making

it a travel destination where you can feel the traditional beauty of Korea and spring together.

The Gwangyang Plum Blossom Festival is one of the top 10 regional festivals in the country.

Unfortunately, this year’s Plum Blossom Festival has been canceled due to Corona.

The festival has been canceled, but you can enjoy the plum blossoms on every street, so it would be a good idea to go quietly.

For those who feel burdened because Gwangyang is too far away, you can see plum blossoms at Bongeunsa Temple and Cheongdeokgung Palace from Seoul.

Gurye Sansuyu Village is a good spring destination to visit with Gwangyang Maehwa Village.

It’s 50km away from Gwangyang, so it’s not completely adjacent, but if you don’t want to visit only Gwangyang Maehwa Village.

I think it would be good to stop by.

In Gurye, feel the spring energy while admiring the sansuyu flowers along the country road.

If you think Gurye is too far away, you can also see Sansuyu flowers in Icheon Sansuyu Village.


Next, we will introduce the travel destinations of Magnolia.

There are flowers that bloom briefly after the plum blossoms before the cherry blossoms bloom.

That’s magnolia. 부대찌개맛집

Magnolia attractions include Konhas in Itaewon, Seoul, Stationary Coffee Roasters in Hwaseong, Suwon, and Daereungwon in Gyeongju.

Conhas is a swimming pool cafe, which is popular even on a regular basis.

There is a magnolia tree planted in the yard.

When the magnolias are in bloom in mid-March, it is crowded with people even on weekdays.

In the photo zone, there is a line to take pictures, so even if there are a lot of people, there is no problem to take pictures. Please note that if you look down from the 2nd floor terrace, you may take a picture with more magnolia trees.

Jung Ji-young Coffee Roasters is a cafe located in Haenggung-dong.

It’s probably less crowded than Seoul.

Although competition is fierce for a seat by the window with a view of the magnolia, there is no table by the window, so you can enjoy the scenery more leisurely.


Next is Daereungwon, Gyeongju.

If you like to travel, you will be familiar with the photo zone of trees between the tombs of Daereungwon, Gyeongju.

The tree in the middle is a magnolia tree.

If you go around mid-March in time for the season, you can take pictures with the magnolia trees in full bloom.

Instead, this photo zone is famous for long waits, so we recommend going as soon as possible as soon as it opens.

The next destination we will introduce to you in March is cherry blossom viewing spots.

Jinhae, Jeju, Gyeongju and Namhae are famous places for cherry blossoms.


The place I would like to introduce this time is Namhae.

Although transportation is inconvenient in Namhae, there are fewer people than other cherry blossom spots, so it is a good place to travel untact at times like these.

Treasure Island Namhae is full of flowers everywhere, so it would not be awkward to call it a flower island.

The first place I would like to introduce is Wangji Cherry Blossom Road.

From the Noryang three-way intersection through Namhae Bridge, the cherry blossom road stretches for about 5 kilometers.

There are cherry trees on both sides of the road, so it’s a good spot for a cherry blossom drive.

If you pass by, there are rapeseed fields here and there, so it is good to park your car on the side of the road and watch the flowers.

A good cherry blossom tour destination is Sangsang Sheep Farm.

There are sheep ranches all over the country, but I think this is the only sheep ranch with cherry blossom trees.

At Sangsang Sheep Farm, you can interact with sheep and experience feeding while admiring the beautiful cherry blossom trees on a vast land of 100,000 pyeong.


The next place I would like to introduce is Darengi Village.

Darengin rice field is a terraced farming method that appears in barren terrain with a steep slope.

In the Namhae , you can see the beautiful scenery in spring by planting rapeseed flowers in this rice paddy field.

For those of you who have a lot of Namhae, I will finish by introducing the cherry blossom spots in Seoul.

The first place I would like to introduce is Seokchon Lake.

Seokchon Lake is a place where you can enjoy cherry blossoms while walking along the lake.

The point of this place is the Lotte Tower, a landmark of Seoul seen among the cherry blossoms.

Even if you go here at night, you can see a wonderful scenery.

The next place I would like to introduce is Jeongdok Library.

Many people think that the library is just a place to go to read books.

Above, we have introduced some good spring travel destinations to visit in March.

If you are curious about the travel destinations in April, don’t forget to subscribe.


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